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Tips on tick bite prevention

In the summer, the outdoors can be very much alive with thick grass, weeds, trees, and flowers. This provides excellent breeding grounds for ticks. The Centers for Disease Control reported around eighteen thousand cases of tick bites in 1995. Now, in 2015, there have been over thirty-thousand cases in a year. There are hundreds of […]

Benefits of lifeguard training

Lifeguard training is one of the most important skills that everyone should have. Saving a life is a noble task and it feels great if you can do this as much as you can. Lifeguards are trained to be highly responsible and for this reason they have to go through immense training. The main intention […]

Top hazards of outdoor recreation

There are many hazards of outdoor recreation. Outdoor recreation involves sports, such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, running, camping, biking, and cycling. Even if the participants are safe, and the sport is not necessarily dangerous, there are still many dangerous situations that may be encountered, especially in remote locations or dangerous weather. Luckily, using the right […]